ECO Pool Products


Pool Energy Consumption

Swimming pool or spa pumping systems are usually the largest single user of electricity (about 16%)


Time and Energy Saving Features

  • Auto PH testing and dosing
  • Auto Chlorine testing and dosing
  • Auto pump speed variation depending dose needed
  • 9 Star Energy Efficiency – SIGNIFICANT ENERGY SAVINGS
  • Monitor water balance and adjust timers via phone app
  • Auto pool cleaner activation
  • Remote pool & spa heating activation
  • Satisfaction, knowing your pool water is always perfectly balanced

Energy Saving products that virtually pay for themselves.

Astral Pool Viron Connect 10

The Viron Connect 10 comes with a choice of 8 STAR ENERGY EFFICIENT PUMPS, LCD touch screen & WIFI advanced remote system operation via smartphone app for pool and spa.

 Delivering 10 equipment outlets, up to 4 motorised valve outlets, full external heater control, sanitiser output adjustment, inbuilt solar automation and 2 input / output options for home automation via in house mounted colour touch screen or wifi app connection

ENERGY SAVING OF UP TO $1000 per year

Astral Pool Equilibrium Chlorinator with AI Mode

Unique in the market, the only pool salt chlorinator with auto PH and variable speed pump control, minimising pump time operation to maintain perfect water balance.

Astral Ai mode eliminates the traditional method of setting a time clock and hoping the pump operates for sufficient time to sanitise the pool. Ai mode, speeds up or slows down the pump dependant upon the amount of chlorine or pool acid needed (as determined by the sensors) to maintain perfect water balance.

Match with Viron P320XT Eco Punp to SAVE UP TO $1000/YEAR OPERATING COSTS

Reltech E-Commander

Reltech’s new ECOFLO V3 and V5 PRO series pumps are the quiet achievers.

A unique blend of efficiency and ultra quiet performance, the ECOCOMMAND system combines both filter and solar pump into one smart system that can reduce your pool’s electricity running costs by up to 70%, without compromising performance when you need it.

Made in Australia for Aussie conditions. An ideal well priced solution to replace your old energy hungry filter pump and solar pump , into one Energy Efficient solution,  with full automatic control

Up to 70% Energy Saving energy saving

The most trusted name in solar