Pool Heat Pumps


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*A combined heat pump/solar power system effectively minimises operating costs and maximises the use of your pool.

Pool Heat Pumps

Cool summers, brisk mornings, strong southerlies? No problem! Extend your swimming season with a quiet, energy-efficient, easy-to-use pool heat pump. The latest full inverter heat pumps provide cost-efficient energy solutions to meet your pool heating needs, installed by our experienced technicians. Heat pump systems have been available for many years and are commonly used for household hot water systems, pool heating systems, Hydronic heating systems and many other water heating applications. Heat pumps work by extracting latent heat from the atmosphere, and amplifying it to give out more energy than they consume. The latest Inverter technology, also used in air conditioners and refrigerators, has become an extremely popular and energy-efficient way to extend the use of your pool.

The Pool Heat Pump Avantage


  • Lower operation costs than gas pool heating
  • Heat Pumps provide a constant pool temperature, regardless of weather conditions
  • They can even provide year-round pool heating in extremely cold climates
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor pools and spas, small or large
  • Works with solar panels to offset energy use and operating costs.

Which Pool Heat Pump is right for you?

Pool covers are highly recommended for maximum efficiency of your heat pump system. Most Heat pump ratings are based on the assumption that pool covers are being used.


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Not sure which system type is best for you?
Don’t get caught out buying a heat pump online to find it’s either too small to heat your pool or can’t be installed correctly.

Pool Heat Pumps must be installed to meet the manufacturer specification, including plumbing, air clearances and electrics.

Expert Installation


Heat pumps are normally installed externally, close to existing pool filtration equipment, and, in most cases, will require a dedicated electrical circuit and isolation switch installed by a qualified electrician.

An experienced pool plumbing technician will adapt your existing pool filter system to incorporate the heat pump. System controllers may be required to operate and customise the operation of the system.


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Pool Heat Pumps

 These pool heat pumps are amongst the best you will find.

The CelsiusPro Inverter Heat Pump is the economical choice for recreational pool and spa owners looking to maximise their swim season or swim all year round. With more features as standard, like the intelligent touch screen controller and built-in timer, the CelsiusPro also delivers lifestyle features such as quiet operation, making it the smart and economical alternative for those considering a heat pump.


The CelciusPlatinum TurboSilence Inverter Heat Pump is the premium choice for recreational pool and spa owners looking to maximise their swim season or swim all year round with ultra-quiet performance. Designed with the latest TurboSilence technology and step-less full DC inverter compressor, fan and control system – CelciusPlatinum provides an energy-efficient, high-quality heating option for those wanting to get the most out of their backyard swimming pool or spa.

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