By 2030, 50% of Victoria’s electricity will be produced by solar.


Will you join the revolution?





Take back control over your energy costs


In the last 10 years, electricity prices in Australia have grown by over 117% – which makes us wonder, how much will it grow in the next 10?

There has never been a better time to take back control of energy costs and invest in solar energy, so much so, more than 2 million Australian households have already made the switch!


The environmentally friendly option


We recognize that household energy consumption contributes to Australia’s ongoing battle with climate change. From heating and air conditioning to everyday appliances like your fridge and mobile phone – every little bit adds up.

By sourcing your electricity from solar, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

Federal government incentives


STCs are financial incentives provided by the Australian government, offering a discount to your overall system cost based on the size of the system purchased.

The STC price falls every year, until it drops to zero in 2032 – in other words, the sooner a system is installed, the more you will save!


State government incentives 

If you live in Victoria, you may be eligible for an additional $1885 rebate on your solar system purchase in addition to financial incentives offered under the STC program, click the link below to see terms and conditions.



 If you generate more energy than you use  

Excess energy can be fed back to the grid.  Your energy retailers can pay  up to 12c per kilowatt, feed in tariff.




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