Gas Pool and Spa Heating


On Demand Pool Heating At Your Fingertips

Whether you are wanting to replace an old gas heater, extend the use of your pool or enjoy a nice hot spa, we will find the right product from Australia’s leading brands to suit your budget and requirements.

Viron Gas Heater

The Viron Gas Heater uses revolutionary technology to heat your pool quickly and accurately to the temperature you select. Heat on demand technology will save approximately 20% on operating costs over a conventional gas heater and will also reduce the Co2 emissions produced. Available in 3 sizes Viron 250, 350 & 450, integrates to modern remote & indoor touch screen controls.

Astral Pool Hi NRG Gas Pool Heater

The Astral Pool Hi NRG Gas Pool Heater is proudly made and designed in Australia. Incorporating the latest in high efficiency technology, it combines high performance, energy efficiency and compact designed to ensure a cost effective, rapid heating solution.

Easy to operate and reliable, Models available in 175, 250 and 400. The build quality, an important factor for gas pool and spa heating is so high that the HiNRG Heater is covered by a 5 year limited warranty.

Astral Pool JX Gas Pool and Spa Heater

The AstralPool JX gas pool and spa heater is a premium fan forced heater designed for wall mounting of small to medium sized pools and spas. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications and confined spaces. No need to install normal flue, the JX forced draft combustion system allows lower clearances from windows and surrounding objects proving a compact, space saving, wall mounted design with equivalent heating capacity.

Astral Pool HX Gas Pool and Spa Heater

The HX gas pool and spa heater is the most low cost solution available in two sizes to meet the on demand heating requirements for small pools and spas. Made in Australia with electronic touch controls and electronic ignition, its an ideal easy to use addition for your hot soothing spa or warm plunge pool, when you want it.

The JXi Gas Heater sets a new standard in pool and spa heating technology, with its ultra-compact size, light weight and innovative design, providing the greatest flexibility for the pool owner.Energy Efficient 83°/o thermal efficiency rating and low-NOx design surpasses strict DOE Energy Efficient requirements

Available in 2 sizes 200MJ and 370MJ.

Raypak, part of the Rheem group of companies, has earned its reputation as a supplier of rugged, reliable Australian made gas pool heaters. With over 70 years of experience Raypak is a trusted name providing uniquely designed products for Australia’s tough conditions, and provides an unequalled network of experienced service agents across the country with outstanding after sales support.

Residential 200-430 Models

  • Cupro-nickel heat exchanger for greater protection from corrosion
  • Polymer headers for longer life
  • Digital heater controller with independent settings for your pool or spa
  • Automatic control of pump and motorised valves, if connected
  •  Energy saving “hot surface ignition”Raypackdrafthood.JPG – large
  • Highly corrosion resistant “ZAM” metal casing
  • Australian manufacture and design excellence

Spartan Spa Heaters

The Spartan 131 spa heater is Australia’s only purpose built spa heater constructed from an all-aluminium outer for maximum corrosion protection.

  • Digital heater controller
  • Suitable for outdoor installations only

Premium & Commercial

In response to demand for an even more rugged, long life & reliable pool and spa heaters to meet the toughest of operating conditions and environments, Raypak has designed a new premium range of gas heaters suitable for large residential and commercial installations. Features include :

  • All bronze headers for even greater temperature and wear tolerance with increased corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel constructed base
  • Stainless steel combustion support structure

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