Victorian businesses are going green, will you join them?

Give your business the ‘green edge’

Consumers have never been more aware of their environmental impact  – and that includes the businesses they support!

Give your business the green edge by making a conscious move to reduce your carbon footprint.


Slash your electricity bills

Electricity prices have risen by over 50% in the last five years. There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy and secure your business from rising electricity prices.

Potential tax benefits

Naturally, solar power generation peaks during daylight hours, which coincides with peak usage for most commercial businesses.

This means that not only can businesses effectively buy a solar system straight away and drastically reduce operating costs overnight, but they can also claim the price of the system as an immediate tax write-off.

In combination with financial incentives provided by state and federal governments, businesses are now in the unique position of potentially being able to purchase a system for less than half its original cost. 

Kilbreda College, Mentone

Kilbreda College, Mentone

Driven by green energy initiatives and a need to support the mounting energy costs associated with a recent expansion, Kilbreda College doubled its existing 50kW solar electricity system to a total of 100kW. To achieve this, we utilized a combination of 25kW Goodwe inverters and tier 1 solar panels.

Kilbreda College, Mentone

Village Baxter, Frankston South

To combat rising energy costs, Green Energy Needs installed two 100kWp systems at Village Baxter Retirement Village. Featuring a total of 285 x 350W Canadian Solar 72 cell solar panels and 4 x SMA Tri-Power 25kW inverters per site, Village Baxter has effectively protected itself from rising electricity prices.

Arbon Equipment, Laverton North

In order to further commercial sustainability and reduce operational costs at Arbon’s manufacturing facility in Laverton North, Green Energy Needs installed a 40kW system comprising a combination of Suntech solar panels and Fronius inverters in addition to a grid protection board.

Total Gas Care, Cheltenham

To gain greater security from rising energy costs, Green Energy Needs installed a 10kW system comprising 25 x 400W Phono solar panels and 1 X 10kW three phase Sungrow inverter at Total Gas Care’s Cheltenham factory.

Gatepower, Mordialloc

To provide energy security and reduce environmental impact, Green Energy Needs installed a 27kW solar power system at Gatepower’s new factory. This system comprised 75 x 400W Phono panels and a Fronius inverter.

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