Nanotek Pool Heating



The Most Advanced Multi Layered Solar Heating Strip Type Collector Available 


Combining The Best Into One

 NanoTek Graphitic Collector is Boss Patented technology, combining State-of-the-Art Co-Extrusion techniques and High-Tech Graphite Nano Polymers.

Professional Installation With

Molded One Piece Tough BASF Luran S Manifolds

Each Water Channel Locked to Manifold 

Fine Debris protection filter

Pressure monitoring safety gauge


Vacuum Relief Valve

Black PVC Tee

Black PVC Pressure Pipe

Powder Coated Pipe Saddles

Frost Protection Drain-back Loop


Prosil 60 Mastic

Optional Components

Solar System Pump

3yr Warranty

Automatic Solar System Controller

Energy Saving Single Solar / Filter Pump 


Flat End Manifold

The most trusted name in solar