Free Home Cooling from the Sun

Solar Roof Ventilation Exhaust Fan

Reduces roof temperature by up

to 30° 


 Keeping your home cooler in summer

Reduced air conditioning use means lower energy bills 

Solar powered = No running costs ,   EVER !


 Brushless DC motor for quiet operation & long life 


Thermostatic control prevents heat loss during


cooler months  (fan activates at 25 deg air temp)



            More than 20x the air movement!

Wind driven “Whirly Birds” can only exhaust around


100CBM (Cubic Metres) of air per hour


while the SolarKing 320MM solarfan can pump


2100CBM of air per hour,

Suitable for a wide range of cooling and ventilation applications 

Domestic Cooling Ventilation

Commercial Cooling Ventilation 

Should your gables or eaves not have vents, we recommend adding at least 2 vents

More Air Flow = Better Performance

SolarKing SolarFan Brochure

SolarKing SolarFan Tile Roof Instructions

SolarKing SolarFan Metal Roof Instructions

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