Solar Power Packages


Solar Power Packages

At Green Energy Needs we understand your family or commercial business needs a system that will stand the test of time.

Over our 12 years of experience, we have tested and refined our product range to only use trusted Tier 1 products from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Join over 2 million Australian households and businesses who have already taken the step to reduce their electricity bills with one of these high quality solar systems.

String (Central) Inverter System Packages

Tier 1 String Inverter 3



  • Lower Cost centralised inverter system
  • Proven reliability with high efficiency
  • More common & widely manufacturered by most quality inverter makers
  • Well suited to most residential and commercial installations with large roof areas and no shading
  • Available in Hybrid (Battery ready) or standard ( Battery Compatible) configurations


Micro Inverter System Packages

Tier 1 micro inverter 3


  • Smaller Inverters mounted to the rear of each Panel – No single point of failure
  • Ideal for panel installs over multiple surfaces, or partial system shading because each panel is managed individually
  • Immediate conversion to AC grid-matching power at panel, provides a much safer, stable process
  • Higher performace output ( up to 20%)
  •  Greater flexibility, add more panels, batteries easily


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