Why Solar Power ?

Australia is one of the sunniest continents in the world,

it just makes sense to make use of this source of


Solar products have never been cheaper to buy

Not only have solar product prices reduced but the choice and value has also improved.

Solar installations are now subject to a much higher level but regulation from industry bodies like the Clean Energy Council . All products and installations so have must be installed to  regulated standard to receive the certificate of compliance needed for installers to claim government rebates.

Government incentives, multiple rebates available!

STCs are financial incentives provided by the Australian government, offering a discount to your overall system cost based on the size of the system purchased.

The STC price falls by one fifteenth every year until it drops to zero in 2032 and is capped. The total price of the STC incentive is calculated at the time of sale and will be clearly provided on your quote.

State government incentives (additional to STCs)

If you live in Victoria, you may be eligible for an addition $2225 rebate on your solar system purchase , click the link below to see terms and conditions.


Feed in tariff

Unused power that you generate will automatically be fed back into the grid (a minimum of 12c per kwh).  We recommend shopping around as some energy retailers offer up to higher feed in tariffs.



Solar Power Is The Future! What Are Your Plans?

A recent Clean Energy Australia Report, suggested with power prices continuing to rise and the cost of solar technology continuing to fall, the financial benefits strengthens each year.

Over 2 million Australians have already installed solar power and benifeting from the reduced electricity bills.  Solar systems are now a proven method that not only makes environmental sense, it makes sense financial sense.

Businesses can also currently claim an immediate tax rebate if it has a solar energy system installed in the premises,

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