AquaSMART 5 (RT) Retro Timer – Solar Pool Heating Controller For Older Pools



FEATURES  – for older pools that only have skimmer box suction and standard filter returns to pool

  • Ideal solution for older pools that only have a (single suction point) skimmer box, that would need  to be shared to fit solar pool heating.
  • AquaSMART 5 RT , is specifically designed to manage the addition of a second solar boost pump  to the existing filter / chlorinator plumbing circuit.
  • When retro fitting solar to older pools, a solar boost pump is needed to be added. This pump inlet is plumbed into a tee installed in the existing filter circuit after the filter 
  • Both the new solar boost pump and the existing filter pumps are plugged into the AquaSMART 5 RT. The controller then controls both the normal filter times using its internal clock, and the activation of the solar boost pump, ( and the filter pump) when a temperature gain is detected offering the pool water an increase.
  • This is the only method that prevents potential burn out of pumps when retro fitting solar pool heating to older pools with (single suction point) skimmer box only.



  • FULLY AUTOMATIC OPERATION – Auto filter timer override, Auto pool temp sampling ,Auto heating mode & Auto winter mode , even Auto cooling / tropical mode 
  • SET AND FORGET SIMPLICITY  – Simply set your filter timers , set the  desired pool temperature and as soon as sun is available the AquaSMART 5 RT will start the solar system pump and the filter pump to heat your pool and stop when desired temperature is reached. If its raining or the desired pool temp is reached, the AquaSMART 5 RT will automatically revert back to normal filter timer setting and stop the solar pump
  • LARGE BACK-LIT LCD DISPLAY – See your pool temperature at a glance , day or night 
  • BUILT IN PROTECTION – Surge protect, Boil Protect, Freeze Protect, Never over-heat your pool again 
  • AUSTRALIAN MADE QUALITY – Made and designed in Australia from start to finish by the Australia’s most innovative heating controller manufacturer
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY – Market leading 3 year manufacturers product warranty (inc both temperature sensors) with local support from Melbourne based office and manufacturing facility



Relax knowing you have the warmest pool possible at the most economical cost

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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm
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