AquaSMART 5 (RB) Solar Pool Heating Controller with Remote Battery Powered Roof Sensor – For New Pools




  • Ideal solution when roof sensor cable (from controller to roof) unable to be installed, AquaSMART 5 (RB) Remote Battery, provides a wireless roof sensor with batteries.  
  • This controller is used for modern pools with both skimmer suction ( for filter circuit)  and second independent suction point (for heating circuit) with a separate pump for solar 

Full operation and installation details in manual AQUASMART-5-RB-v1.2


  • FULLY AUTOMATIC OPERATION – Auto pool temp sampling ,Auto heating mode & Auto winter mode , even Auto cooling / tropical mode
  • SET AND FORGET SIMPLICITY  – Simply set your desired pool temperature and as soon as sun is available the AquaSMART 5 will start the solar system pump to heat your pool and stop when desired temperature is reached
  • LARGE BACK-LIT LCD DISPLAY – See your pool temperature at a glance , day or night
  • BUILT IN PROTECTION – Surge protect, Boil Protect, Freeze Protect, Never over-heat your pool again
  • AUSTRALIAN MADE QUALITY – Made and designed in Australia from start to finish by the Australia’s most innovative heating controller manufacturer
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY – Market leading 3 year manufacturers product warranty (inc both temperature sensors) with local support from Melbourne based office and manufacturing facility


Relax knowing you have the warmest pool possible at the most economical cost

The innovative AquaSmart 5 controller uses state of the art technology to heat your pool and save you money.
The AquaSmart 5 recognises when the sun is shining, starting the system at the optimal time. This ensures maximum heating efficiency, optimal pump operating times , saving you money in electricity costs and extending equipment life.

AUSTRALIAN MADE QUALITY – Made and designed in Australia from start to finish by the Australia’s most innovative heating controller manufacturer

  • LARGE BACK LIT LCD DISPLAY – Easy to read even from a distance- day and night with a large bright screen
  • EASY OPERATION, SIMPLE UP, DOWN AND SELECT CONTROLS – Just set  & forget – Simply select heating mode in summer or Winter mode to automatically maintain your system
  • SMART AUTOMATIC FEATURES – maximise energy efficiency, protect and extend the life of your solar pool heating collectors  and pump
    • AUTO SAMPLING – Ensures your pool is getting maximum heat gain as soon as its available
    • AUTO HEATING MODE – just set your desired pool water temperature and the controller will only activate the solar pump when a temperature gain is available and stop the pump when your desired pool temp reached
    • AUTO WINTER MODE – Assists in pool maintenance during off season – saves energy & equipment
    • AUTO TROPICAL MODE – Helps cool overheated pools and swim spas
    • AUTO ANTI-FREEZE – Protects your system from frosts or extreme freezing conditions ,if selected
    • AUTO ANTI-BOIL – Protects your system from overheating damage, if selected
    • AUTO SELF-DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAM – Displays any system or component faults on the screen
    • AUTO SURGE PROTECTION  – Built in fuse protects controller and pump from unexpected power surges
  • BUILT IN CLOCK WITH BATTERY BACKUP Allows you to limit operating times if needed and retains all settings even during power failure
  • HIGH GRADE UV AND VERMIN RESISTANT CASE -Assures longevity and low maintenance & high level water resistant
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Unique mounting  plate makes installing a breeze , plate mounts to wall, controller locks into plate
  • MARINE GRADE ROOF SENSOR CABLE – Provides long life an low maintenance even in the hardest conditions
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY – Market leading 3 year manufacturers product warranty that includes both temperature sensors
  • AUSTRALIAN DESIGN AND QUALITY AT ITS BEST –  Local support from Melbourne based office






NOTE – The AquaSMART 5 Solar Pool Heating system controller is only suited to a INDEPENDENT Solar Pool Heating system


This means the filter pool plumbing circuit and the pool heating plumbing circuit must be separate (Independent) and is standard on all newer pool designs.


The below image shows a INDEPENDENT pool heating plumbing circuit. This plumbing design requires a dedicated pump for pool heating  (you will also have a pool filter pump , chlorinator and filter on a separate pool plumbing circuit)


If you have an INDEPENDENT pool heating circuit, there will be additional suction points in the wall of your pool. Also the water from the solar pool heating system will return to the pool from a separate outlet ( eg not the same outlet to where your water from your filter comes out of)

If you don”t have an INDEPENDENT heating plumbing circuit  , you will nee to use the AquaSMART  5  RT – (Retrofit) solar pool heating controller , that provides additional features allowing integration of a solar pool heating system into a pool that only has a filtration plumbing circuit (eg skimmer box suction and normally 2 filter outlets returning to the pool) 


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm
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