ICH 120 Robotic Pool Cleaner ($53/month)

Just $55/month 3 years interest free. Contact us today for cash price.

Lombard Finance



  • Floor and Wall Climbing
  • Dual Drive Motors providing superior maneuverability
  • 10 meter cable from power supply to cleaner 4 all surface
  • Wheels: 302ltrs min motor
  • Underside ultra-fine 3 Micron washable Filter bag
  • Remote Control for quick touch ups
  • Storage Trolley with wheels
  • 2 Year warranty RTB
  • Available in dark blue, light blue, white
  • Uses up to 80% less power than suction or pressure cleaners, pays for itself in electricity savings – optional
  • Delivery Melbourne Metro
  • Set up and training $99
  • FREE IN HOME DEMO (Melbourne Metro)


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