591270/2T Premier Loline Frost Protected


  • Model No: 591270
  • Ground Mounted – Split System
  • Suitable for households 2-4 people ELECTRIC BOOST
  • Tank Capacity: 270 ltr Vitreous Enamel
  • Climatic: Premium Frost Protection
  • Panels : 2x TBT High Effeciency
  • Warranty: 5 years cylinder and solar collectors, 3 years labour on cylinder, 1 year on all other parts and labour
  • Specifically designed for Victorian environments with occcasional frosts, the Rheem Premier® Loline incorporates Drain Back heat exchange technology to maximise solar gain and protect against all weather extremes.
  • The Premier Loline replaces water in the collectors with a special heat exchange fluid with anti-freeze properties.
  • The design is both safe and efficient, as fluid drains out of the collectors to prevent freezing and heat loss in cold conditions, and overheating in hot climates.


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Just $159/month for 36 months plan. Contact us today for details.

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Additional Inclusions

  • Installation quoted separately
  • Installations costs can vary depending on new insall or replacement, single or double story, site inspection required
  • Installation by Licenced Solar qualified treadesman only recommended ( requires power socket & solar plumber)
  • STC REBATE AVAILABLE – currently 23
  • STC’s @ $38 EACH = $874 subject to change with STC market value
  • VEECs: 27 @ $13
  • REBATE = $325 subject to change with VEEC market value
  • REBATE can only be processed after installation
  • REBATES available as a point of sale discount if we are installing and rebates assigned to us at time of install
  • NOTE : REBATES UNDER GOVT REVIEW – ACT NOW WHILE REBATES STILL AVAILABLE! Prices shown DO NOT include rebates but can be processed by owner after purchase and installation



  • System only , price is pick up from Moorabbin



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