Following ABC’s recent 7:30 report exposing dodgy solar power installations, disillusionment has spread wide… and fast. All of a sudden home owners with solar panels on their roofs are not only questioning their investment but also the safety of their kids. Meanwhile, neighbours around the corner have begun to think solar energy isn’t worth the time of day… but we’re here to tell you different.

While it’s true that in the early days dodgy installers slipped through the cracks, solar installations have come a long way. The market is wiser and the competition fiercer, making the product and service available the best we’ve ever seen.

That being said, what should you be looking for in your solar energy installer?



  • Licensed electrician
  • CEC accredited installer
  • All products are on the Clean Energy Council approved list
  • Provides multiple product options in quote
  • Provides a map with layout suggestion
  • Independent post installation system inspection and certificate of safety included
  • Happy customers (word of mouth, Facebook reviews, Whirlpool reviews)
  • Plenty of industry experience.


So, regardless of whether you decide to go with us for your next solar energy project, you’ll be armed with all the information needed to get the best system for your money.