Robotic Pool Cleaners

Save up to 83%

electricity running costs.

The latest generation Robotic Pool Cleaners use a fraction of the resources used by other pool cleaning systems – saving you time and money.

Independent studies have shown that robotic cleaners consume 83% less electricity 

Robotic pool cleaners have their own filter and motor operating completely independently of the pools main filtration system and pump – as a result the water is finely filtered while the pool is being cleaned. You will also use less pool chemicals, because you will not need to backwash your pool filter as much.

Save Water and Chemicals



100% Pool Surface Coverage

Robotic pool cleaners map out the pools surface, then navigate using intelligent systematic scanning logic, covering 100% of the pool surface, providing superior pool cleaning.

Best of all,  they never get stuck in corners because they can move both

forward and reverse.

Not All Robot Pool Cleaners Are The Same

Choose from

  • Floor only or walls and floor models
  • Foam or PVC Rollers
  • Top load cartridge or bottom load washable filter bag
  • Cable swivel
  • Cleaner full warning
  • One touch operation or fully programmable controller
  • Single motor or dual motors
  • 2 year warranty or 3 year warranty models
  • Remote control operation with phone app or handheld remote
  • Trolley for easy storage
  • Domestic or commercial models

Astral Pool RF Robotic Pool Cleaner

Astral Pool RPB Robotic Pool Cleaner

Astral Pool RPT Robotic Pool Cleaner

Astral Pool RPT Plus Caddy Robotic Pool Cleaner

Astral Pool Ultra 250 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

Astral Pool Ultra 500 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

Astral Pool Ultra Max Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Swash -X -CLX CB Robotic Pool Cleaner

The most trusted name in solar